Sightseeing in Nerima City

Nerima City has a wide variety of tourist attractions, such as lush parks, agricultural attractions, art museums, cultural assets, and local festivals, offering enjoyment and relaxation to people from the city.
Individuals and groups alike visit the area to get a taste of the local scenery, lifestyle and culture or just for a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


01:Art Galleries and Museums
03:Cultural facility
04:Municipal Parks
05:Cultural assets
09:Nerima City


A:Ōizumi Area
B:Shakujii and Takanodai Area
C:Nerima and Ekoda Area
D:Hikarigaoka Area
E:Kitamachi Area
F:Sekimachi and Kami-shakujii Area

Art gallery and museum in Nerima City

Nerima is home to a variety of unique art and other museums exhibiting works of local artists and art and historical material under such themes as music, education, and traditional crafts. The museums are dotted throughout Nerima offering visitors a truly cultural experience.

Nerima City's amusement

Nerima City has a range of amusements for people of all ages including hot spring facilities and movie theaters as well as a large amusement park.

Nerima City's cultural facilities

Nerima City has a large array of cultural facilities to suit people of all ages such as music, drama and entertainment halls, libraries and sporting facilities that are home to a variety of sporting events.

Parks of Nerima City

Nerima City maintains approximately 600 parks and nature belts. The area is literally full of beautiful parks with trees and plants that offer a real taste of the changing seasons and other parks that are known as famous cherry blossom viewing spots.